ARK Park updated with free locomotion on all platforms – now discounted by 30% for SteamVR Spring Sale through Monday, April 23!
Snail Games’ first VR game, ARK Park, has been discounted by 30% during the Steam VR Spring Sale :)
Snail Games Reveals the Future of the ARK Franchise at GDC
ARK Park and this week’s PixArk are the next two installments in the blockbuster ARK series
Snail Games’ Multiplayer VR Epic ARK Park Arrives on Steam, PSVR, Oculus Rift & Viveport
Dinos are always closer than they appear ... in VR!
Snail Games in 2017: Showcasing Innovation and Industry Leadership
In 2017, China’s gaming industry reached a new record of over $31 billion in sales, 70% of which -- $21.7 billion -- came from online games.
Tech Innovator Snail Honored with Five Golden Plume Awards in 2017
In a fiercely competitive field, Snail Games received five awards in this prestigious annual event, considered the “Oscars” of the gaming industry in China.
Snail’s Multi-Platform Strategy
“Ark Park” is the first VR title that comes red-hot off the Ark brand, a collaboration between Snail and Wildcard that is now a global sensation across multiple platforms. It was announced by Sony for the PSVR in TGS 2017.
Recognition Across All Platforms: Snail Honored as a Top Ten Game Publisher in China
On December 19, 2017, Snail is recognized by China’s Game Publishers Commission (GPC) as one of the top-ten game publishers in China. This high honor acknowledges a company’s contribution to the gaming community through research and development, as well as its vision for the state of this ever-changing industry.
Snail maintains R&D competitiveness
According to the authoritative “2017 Research and Development Competitiveness Report for the Chinese Gaming Industry” that was published on 11/30/2017, mobile gaming in China is now a $15-billion USD industry. For the three prior quarters, income from self-developed products makes up more than 95% of the revenue. This highlights the critical importance of solid research and development behind a successful product.
Snail Games has Launched the Global Version of Taichi Panda 3, a sequel to Snail's flagship title Taichi Panda on Oct, 10th
Game developer and publisher Snail Games is again making major waves in the mobile gaming market with the much-anticipated global announcement of its latest mobile MMORPG Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter. The game is going to be available in regions around the globe (*see exclusions) for iOS and Android devices on Oct,10th.