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Puzzle Battle Heroes

Start your exciting adventure today! Explore a new type of game, mixing puzzles with combat in this all new mobile RPG. Guide your character on their journey in a fascinating world of magic and mayhem, growing and expanding your arsenal as you go. Discover all kinds of amazing treasures in this unique and fun puzzle game!

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A new kind of RPG

You’re a hero of puzzles, and the saga is about to begin. Discover the exciting adventure that awaits you in Puzzle Battle Heroes. Upgrade your abilities and find new troops to lay at your disposal. Make friends with fellow players, and find cool treasures to beef up your warriors!


Mixing puzzles with combat, Puzzle Battle Heroes puts your brain in the hot seat. Solve high speed puzzles to unleash your forces on your opponent. If your quick and clever you just may win – and find yourself face down in the mud if you’re too slow! Face your adversary with a mix of forces. Switch around your units to form patterns to unleash their abilities. Every unit is different, making battles one fast-paced, brand-twisting puzzle after another.