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Posted by Snail - Nov 7,2014

Cutting Edge Graphics in Taichi Panda

You pick a character and enter the beginner village. Moving around the 3D world, you see other players going about their business, decked in their unique personal garb. When the fighting starts, you throw-down combo moves, jump through the air, slaying bad guys, all with natural and fluid swipes of your weapon. 

Exciting action in a 3D world…for mobile!
What would sound to many like a client game for the PC is actually the latest exciting title to hit the mobile scene from the team at Snail Games. The addictive action game Taichi Panda, set for release later this fall, is the latest addition to our budding mobile line-up. Drawing on the expertise acquired through years of experience in online gaming, Taichi Panda brings cutting edge graphics to the mobile medium.

Taichi Panda makes use of the Flexi graphics engine, originally developed internally by Snail for our popular online titles, like the critically acclaimed Age of Wushu. This engine brings players PC-quality graphics, with vivid colors and rich 3D environments, to their mobile device. The highly detailed characters, deep and natural landscapes, and crisp animations afforded by the Flexi engine supplement the action game play in Taichi Panda for a really engaging and fun experience.
-Side by side of Age ofWushu and Taichi Panda

The Flexi engine in Age of Wushu and Taichi Panda
Along with the Flexi engine, Taichi Panda features full-body motion capture technology. Snail boasts an impressive motion capture studio, the largest such studio in Asia and custom built for the unique acrobatics, martial arts, and full-range actions that make up the animations of our gaming titles. 
-Shots of Motion Capture studio

The latest in full-body motion capture from the Snail studio
Using highly detailed multi-point motion capture, the animators for Taichi Panda build the characters around virtual skeletons based on real-life human actors. The result is a smooth and natural feel to Taichi Panda not often seen in mobile. Exciting new features like aerial movements and combo abilities are made possible and fit seamlessly into the fast-paced action style of play.
-In-game screenshot

Fight through the air and with special combo moves!
As mobile gaming continues to grow and its limitations fall away, Snail Games leads the charge for quality gaming-on-the-go with Taichi Panda. Using cutting edge technology, the developers at Snail set the new standard for mobile.
Taichi Panda is set for release later this autumn. Follow us on Facebook to get more news and updates about the latest on this exciting new title, coming soon!