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Posted by Snail - Nov 7,2014

The Greatest Adventure – Taichi Panda Game Lore

A world of harmony and balance is thrown of kilter. Evil monsters maraud a once peaceful land. It is up to an unlikely band of heroes to restore the order and save the world! Find the center and unlock your potential in Taichi Panda! This week, we take a glimpse at the game lore in: The Greatest Adventure.

The protagonists of our strange little story meet by seeming happenstance – an easy guise of everyone’s favorite four letter f word: Fate. The trio must set out on a journey of unknown destination to discover the source of a growing evil threatening land of Avzar, kingdom of magic and mystery in which the game takes place.

Avzar is an island formed by two polarized mountains jutting out of the sea. Because of their unique polarity, they are known as the Mount Brilliance, which exudes an energy of goodness, and Mount Despair, from which emanates a sinister vibration. Despite their complete opposition, the two masses connect beneath the sea, forming a single whole.

The balance between these two has existed for as long as anyone can remember. The powers of darkness will set out to upset the balance, and the heroes of the light will right it. However, it seems things are getting worse with each passing year, as the monsters from Mount Despair grow stranger and scarier, and their attacks ever more frequent.

Our heroes must set out together to achieve their goals. The heroic Lulandore must stop the evil that has threatened his home once and for all. The crafty treasure hunter Lauren Catcher is on the prowl for a thrill, and maybe some hidden valuables along the way. The monkish Pan Da believes he’s discovered the ultimate unifying force, and can restore ultimate balance. These unlikely bedfellows team up to discover what lies ahead, unlock their potential, and save the world!

Taichi Panda is set for release later this autumn. Keep up-to-date on the latest news on our official Facebook page!