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Posted by Snail - Dec 15,2014

Martial Arts MOBA King of Wushu

Shanghai December 12th, 2014 – At the Sony conference in Shanghai this week, representatives from Sony took the stage with Snail to lay out joint plans for the release of the exciting new game 3D martial arts MOBA, King of Wushu, for PS4. The announcement revealed trailers and intriguing details about King of Wushu’s release, which will be one of the first games for PS4 to come out in China.


King of Wushu PlayStation 4 Trailer


Sony and Snail are working in cooperation to promote King of Wushu while simultaneously showing off the powerful capabilities of the PS4, as part of a mutual effort to grow interest in the game and the platform in China. Due to its impressive graphics, using the new Crysis 3 graphics engine, and unique art style, King of Wushu has earned the a key place in the spotlight at the conference, marking a new phase of collaboration between Sony Entertainment and Chinese developers.


King of Wushu PlayStation 4 Ingame Footage


During the PS4 conference, Sony Playstation President Takehito Soeda took the stage alongside Snail’s Sun Dahu to introduce three new trailers for King of Wushu. Among these videos is a CG trailer as well as real game play recordings, showing off the action style and introducing several of the playable characters, revealing the title’s game play style.


During his introduction of King of Wushu, Mr. Sun revealed that an initial version of the game would be released for PS4 on January 11th of 2015, making it one of the first games to hit the budding Chinese PS4 market. In this version, players would be able to access four free beginner characters, as well as being able to unlock 9 masters representing unique schools. In addition, Mr. Sun announced 2 characters exclusive to the PS4 version, for a total of 15 martial artists to choose from. This exclusive aims to highlight the exciting opportunities ahead for the PS4 in China, with King of Wushu set to play a major role in the system’s growth strategy.



About King of Wushu


King of Wushu (Chinese: 九阳神功 Jiuyang Shengong) is an upcoming 3D martial arts MOBA from Snail. Designed by the same studio team as Snail flagship MMORPG Age of Wushu, the game features traditional Chinese styles, rendered in high detail with the new Crysis 3 graphics engine. Using a TPS perspective with action style game mechanics, the game aims at developing a cross-platform, Chinese style “Wuxia” martial arts MOBA.