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Posted by Snail - Mar 20,2015

King of Wushu Alpha Testing, First Edition Goes Live

Today, gamers across China waited eagerly as the first domestically available Play Station gaming consoles officially went on sale. At 10:00 a.m. Beijing time, Sony launched its China services for the first time, announcing a host of exciting promotions before media and enthusiasts alike at Sony’s domestic headquarters in Shanghai. Accompanying the console on its adventure into this fresh new market, Chinese developer Snail Games announced the release of King of Wushu, its new kung fu-themed MOBA.


King of Wushu is the first ever cross-platform martial arts MOBA. Using cutting-edge CryEngine graphics, the game throws players into a stunning environment filled with dynamic weather effects and vivid scenery. Players pick from a roster of unique heroes for 5v5 battles and fight through AI mobs and enemy players. In this first edition, players to choose from 15 champions, including mystical assassins, royal guards, Buddhist monks and others from Chinese mythology. Snail has also mentioned that future updates will feature new maps, classes, and gameplay as it builds on a robust MOBA foundation.



Guangming Peak

Guangming Peak - Cultist’s Altar 


In this opening edition of King of Wushu, teams duke it out on a brilliant 5 on 5 map –Guangming Peak–and can enlist the aid of mercenaries that spawn periodically. Off the beaten paths of nearby forests lurk bandits who can confer buffs. The map is surrounded by sheer cliffs, and a look above reveals vividly detailed clouds wafting by. 


Guangming Peak is where the righteous, unified alliance of several righteous schools face off against the villains of the treacherous Ming cult in epic combat. But the surrounding groves are infested with wildmen and bandits ready to prey on the careless.


King of Wushu original art

Pick from 15 classic martial arts heroes


Also available in this first edition of King of Wushu, players will have access to 15 heroic champions, roughly divided into two camps. Among the righteous, eight heroes stand tall:


Sun Tzu – Tactician
Beggar Zao – Dragon Warrior
Master Chung – Daoist Knight
Lotus — Blade Disciple
Jasmine – Radiant Poet
Master Gongsun – The White Swordsman
Brother Wu – Stone Monk
Brother Lang – Shaolin Monk

Seven wicked fighters from across the land rally against them:

Urul Khan – Berserker
Tang Yan — Assassin
Fang – Snake Charmer
Bloodmoon Li — Shaman
Xuling-Na – Witch 
Captain Wong — Royal Guard
Gor Shan — Blademaster

All features of King of Wushu’s first edition will be free, and players can download the entire game experience for free from the Play Station Network store. Future updates on the PSN store will also be free. In line with players’ expectations for MOBAs, King of Wushu will not feature paid-for special rights or privileges.


It is Snail’s hope that King of Wushu will capture the imaginations of professional and casual players alike, creating an unparalleled gaming experience, and bringing people together across platforms to share the thrill of a kung fu in an innovative MOBA context.



Snail is already hard at work on the first update for King of Wushu, which features new maps, a new character progression system, and six new playable warriors. For players looking for an incredible action MOBA experience, look no further than King of Wushu.