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Posted by Snail - May 5,2015

Build 2015’s First Chinese DirectX 12 Game “King of Wushu”



    At 11:30 Beijing Time (UTC+8) on April 29th, Microsoft held its annual “Build” developer convention in San Francisco, bringing together leaders in the development community and giving innovators the chance to showcase the latest in cutting edge technology in design, tech, and gaming. The latest game from Chinese gaming giant Snail Games – King of Wushu – took to the stage as a part of the DirectX 12 presentation, demonstrating the technical and aesthetic power of the newest driver from DirectX and gaining the acclamations of the shows attendants.


Naming “Challenge and Innovation” as the central theme of the conference, Microsoft took the opportunity to reveal a number of hotly anticipated “projects”. Besides the upcoming Windows 10 OS, these included: the Microsoft Edge browser, the Azure cloud platform, and the HoloLens VR glasses tech. In terms of gaming, the demonstrations at the conference aimed to show the potential for improved gaming that enthusiasts can expect from DirectX 12. As we’ll see below, Microsoft seeks to disrupt and innovate the gaming world through DirectX 12. 



Snail Introduces China’s First DirectX 12 Game


Suzhou Snail Digital Entertainment Ltd, or Snail Games, has been one of Microsoft’s premier gaming partners in China, working to develop 3D digital technology in the domestic market. During the Build 2015 convention, Microsoft revealed the newest trailer for Snail Game’s upcoming King of Wushu title, utilizing the new DirectX 12 technology to stunning improvements in graphic quality. The accomplishment didn’t go without notice, as the video received applause from the audience, as well as acclamations by the speaker from Microsoft.





King of Wushu is the first Chinese game to utilize the DirectX 12 technology. Originally developed using DirectX 11, the game was ported using the newest tools for DX 12. The project was completed in only 6 weeks by 2 developers. Compared to 11, DirectX 12 allows developers greater direct control over allocation of resources and better optimization of available hardware. Thanks to the new technology, developers from Snail Games were able to not only greatly reduce the CPU usage while rendering graphics, but also increase the Frames Per Second (FPS) by 10%, allowing for clearer and less glitch prone graphics.

Side-by-side: DirectX 12’s improved graphics over 11




Microsoft Praises Snail’s DirectX 12 Implementation

More than simply showing the technical power of DirectX 12, Snail Games caught the eye of developers and gamers alike. Presented by Microsoft to the entire audience, King of Wushu has also been featured by bloggers, introducing the game and it’s exciting potential and revealing the progress being made by Chinese developers in the latest gaming technology. 


DirectX 12 Head of Development Max McMullen Introduces King of Wushu


Build 2015 DirectX 12 Presentation Recording 


DirectX 12 Developer Blog Posts




King of Wushu Brings Martial Arts to Life


For the countless fans of King of Wushu wondering how this will affect them, the presentation revealed no shortage of exciting news. Besides overall performance improvement, DirectX 12 has a number of tools for increased graphics quality and faster rendering, allowing for smoother gameplay and more enemies to appear simultaneously on screen. 


Thanks to the standard nature of DirectX 12, King of Wushu will soon be available for on Microsoft Xbox One platform as well. As if that weren’t enough, the special trailer also revealed 2 new heroes coming to the Wuxia Battleground: the first dressed in classical warrior opera attire, while the other appears to be an official armed with a massive brush.


King of Wushu’s New Warrior: Magistrate Style



According to a source, King of Wushu using DirectX 12 will arrive for the Windows 10 platform in Q4 of 2015. This year’s Build conference has seen no scarcity of expectation-setting news. In particular, the impressive capabilities of the DirectX 12 technology, showcased by King of Wushu, are sure to get fans of gaming and digital entertainment excited.